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Amazing Close Lightning Strike at Gymea Bay: Monday 3rd December 2001
Images copyright John Stevens

Please note that video stills and video clip appearing on this website are copyright John Stevens. They must not be reproduced without first seeking permission.

Video Clip

  • Lightning Strike (1.14mb in WMV format [use shift click or right click to bring up save as dialog box])

    John Stevens writes:

    The eight images here show frame by frame stills from the video just before, during and after the lightning hit the tree. Note how the trees light up in frame 2 before going back to normal in frame 3, followed by the overexposure in frame 4 and then the actual bolt.

    These stills show damage to the Oak tree where the lightning hit.


    From Bureau of Meteorology.

  • Sydney local scale loop 0050z to 0520z 03/12/2001 (11.50am to 4.20pm local)

    Analysis Chart

    From Bureau of Meteorology.

    03/12/2001 06z

    Report compiled by Michael Bath
    Document: 200112-01.html
    Updated: 6th September 2005
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